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    Products for Woodworking/Cabinet Making


    Design for Woodworking and Cabinet Making

    EnRoute Software offers 4 product lines developed to meet the needs of professional cabinet makers and woodworkers. If you are using a cabinet software program for your design component but are looking for an easy way to nest and output parts to your router, EnRoute Software offers a simple solution with its ATP. If your woodworking involves more intricate design, engraving or inlay work, then EnRoute's easy-to-use CAD drawing tools will help you bring your designs to life. Combined with its toolpathing, nesting and outputting capabilities, EnRoute Software makes your job easier.

    Here's a brief description of the EnRoute product lines that are suited to woodworking and cabinet making applications. If you would like help in selecting the best product and optional features for your business needs, please call 801-478-1900 x 119 or complete the information request form on the right side of this page. One of our sales representative will be happy to assist you.

    Entry ATP:

    Down and dirty! Batch processing for layered DXF files. No CAD design, but you can import 2D files, set strategies and toolpath until your heart’s content.

    Basic ATP:

    If 2D design and nesting are important to you this is your solution! Sports a full 2D CAD design interface, vectorization, ATP and all the nesting goodies.


    Process files and design carved masterpieces like a champion! Easy and fast NBM from your cabinet design application. 2D and 3D engrave capabilities for custom work.


    Simply the best we have to offer. This high end package delivers the power of EnRoute Wood coupled with the ability to create 3 dimensional designs plus the processing power of ATP. All of these capabilities are within one product and one interface. Create stunning and profitable output from your router.

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