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  • EnRoute Success Story : The Phoebe Table

    “Can I make an expandable circular table?” That’s the question, Bob Huskey, owner of Saturn Design in Seattle, asked himself.

    It has taken him more than 7 years to find the time to build the answer. His solution, The Phoebe Table, is a meld between furniture and art.

    “I set out to design a free form table based on a simple geometric shape,” Huskey explained. 

    After settling on the crescent shape as his single design element, Bob realized that the table design didn’t have to be constrained to a circle.

    “The Phoebe Table is itself a sculptural medium. For those who use a space for multiple functions, for those with unusually shaped spaces, for those who appreciate rhythm and beauty, for those with creativity and something to say,” explains Huskey.

    The Phoebe Table is comprised of up to 24 crescent leaves, 30 legs plus a round terminus. Using all of the leaves, you could form a 90 inch diameter circular table or an 18 foot long straight table. You can form a variety of open or closed shapes using fewer leaves and legs.

     Bob has been designing and fabricating fine furniture and case goods for residential use for about 20 years.  His one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces are installed all over the world.

     “The Phoebe Table was something that I wanted not just to design but to make myself,” says Bob.

     EnRoute Software was Bob’s tool of choice for toolpathing the Phoebe table design.  “I love EnRoute. It’s a great tool, easy to use and versatile,” says Bob. “We use EnRoute constantly in the shop for cutting basic cabinet parts at a custom level, texturing, and 3D milling. I can train my builders to do basic panel cutting and joinery in a day. They get fluent at that level very quickly. EnRoute lets me get the most out of my CNC Router.”

     On the Phoebe Table, EnRoute was used to produce the crescents, plastic leg parts, and the inner legs, basically everything on the table except the metal pieces.

     Bob has a patent pending for the Phoebe Table design. He plans to sell the table in a silent auction – the opening bid $75,000.

     To learn more about the Phoebe Table visit the Saturn Design website.



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