EnRoute Woodworking Software for Architectural Millwork

EnRoute Software is a complete CAD/CAM software solution for the woodworking and architectural millwork industries. EnRoute includes high end capabilities found in more expensive and complicated software and includes 3D graphic features and functions found in artistic programs that together allow EnRoute to support a wide range of woodworking applications in one program.


Fast, Powerful and Efficient Toolpath Engine that supports horizontal cutting, drill banks, tool compensation and other advanced toolpathing abilities. Saved Toolpaths are easy to recall and apply to newly designed or imported parts.

CAD and Graphic Design tools to help with any kind of design needs. 2D design of countertops and desks to importing files from other programs and cleaning them up for output on CNC, EnRoute has a wide array of design tools to help you to address any job.

Rapid Texture and Parametric Textures are features that give you the most powerful texturing tools available for creating Textured Wall Panels, one the hottest trends in woodworking software. Any shape or tool can be used with Rapid Texture to produce truly spectacular and unique results.

AutoToolpath (ATP) for auto-processing of layered DXF files from Cabinet Design Software and CAD Programs. EnRoute's woodworking software has one of the easiest to use and most functional approaches to auto toolpath. Layer printouts and labels help to keep track of parts. ATP is an option for any level of EnRoute which allows you to process cabinet files and create 3D millwork. EnRoute’s easy-on-your-wallet CAM only version for professional grade toolpathing gets you the complete ATP engine and interface. With just a few button clicks and you are ready to start cutting.

3D Surface Creation tools allows shops to cut 3D millwork, signage and other artistic 3D applications. 2D contours can be converted to 3D extrusions and EnRoute's woodworking software is a breeze for working with “ready to cut” 3D Mesh Clipart. EnRoute has all the 3D surface tools needed to make 3D applications a part of your business.

Woodworking Applications:

  • Cabinet Making
  • General Part Cutting
  • Textured Panels
  • Dimensional Signage
  • Inlay Wood Patterns
  • 3D Millwork
  • Curved Moldings
  • AutoToolpath
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